A revolutionary payment app for businesses and for users

Contactless. Cashless. Crypto.

Phone showing a qr code scan screen

Your Phone is Your Wallet.

Pay without the Hassle.

Support the Bulgarian technology that revolutionizes the fintech industry by implementing IoT, Blockchain, and vPOS.

Intuitive Design

Simple design and navigation make sure that the app is accessible to anyone. Download and unlock the full potential.

QR Code Payments

Easy and fast contactless payment method. Pay freely with your phone wherever you are.

Cashless and Crypto

No need for cash or exchange. Add your bank card and crypto wallet in one app securely.

Finance Management

Get an overview of all of your transactions. Easily track all income and expenses in our all-in-one app.

No POS Device Needed

No POS - No problem! All you need is the AVERATO app to start sending and receiving payments.

IoT Integration

Modern technology allows integration with all IoT devices and appliances in various industries.

A person holding a phone showing the Averato app

The New Way to Pay.

Made For All Businesses.

  • No POS Terminal

    No need for POS terminals or complicated setups. All you need is a device with the AVERATO app to accept cashless payments.

  • Low Fees

    Take advantage of one of the lowest fees available on the market and pay only what's fair. Special plans for small businesses.

  • Discounts & Coupons

    Drive sales with promotions. Create custom discounts and coupons and special loyalty programs for your regular clients on the spot.

  • Automated Reports

    Track your business' performance in real-time and automate your monthly reporting process with the billing and invoicing functionality.


AVERATO is a full-service system that aims to provide easy to use solution.

  • For merchants, we offer optimization of payment processes, low transaction fees, and eliminate the need for a POS terminal.
  • For businesses, we offer individual pricing via a voucher system and loyalty programs.
  • For vending operators, we offer an IoT device that can be installed in virtually any vending machine and instantly enable cashless payments.
  • For clients, we have developed a mobile app that serves as a wallet - a safe and secure means for cashless, contactless, and even cryptocurrency payments.
For Merchants

Desktop and Mobile App

For Businesses

Vouchers and Loyalty Program

For Vending Operators

Vending Module

For Companies

Vouchers and Loyalty Programs


icon of a cloud with text inside Averato Cloud

Vending Machine

Business Process Management

  • Business Processes
  • Back-office Integration
  • Custom Modules


  • Kiddie Rides
  • Street Artists
  • Restaurants
  • Taxi
  • Street Food
  • Market
icon of a cloud with text inside Averato Cloud

Mobile App

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Cards
  • Live Location
  • Gamification

Management Suite

  • Telemetry
  • Statistics
  • Settings
  • Maintenance
  • Transactions

Gas Station and Parking

  • Coming Soon

Download the Mobile App

Download the latest version of the AVERATO App for iOS or Android.

AVERATO Vending App enables the end customer to send credits to a selected vending machine by scanning the QR code on the vending machine. Users are able to add as many bank cards as they want to the AVERATO mobile app and choose one of them at the time of payment.

AVERATO does not store bank card data or other sensitive payment information.


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